Dear God

Dear God,

In the face of cruelty and perilous world that i have seen this year, you have been always there to cradle me to safety and peace. You are the kindest of all souls, the warmth of all love, the faith that made me believe that there is no obstacle in this world that i cannot rise above.

Thank you for the strength and will to survive, the love of friendship and family that embaced my being, the amazing new people that have changed my life, touched me in wonderful ways, and has created in me a vision to see the world in a new light.

Thank you for showering me with opportunities to touch lives and being able to give it back to others all the blessings that you have given me. Thank you for taking care of me on all my travel trips, securing me with your love and bringing me home safely into your arms. Thank you for my guardian angels, my grandparents lolo pannong and lola charing, whenever i call out their names, they release from me all anxiety, sad feeling, stressful moments and give me the calmness that i need.

The world out there may still have wasteful beings, where humans hurt each other to survive, but with your faith you took care of me, and has always been there for me through trying times of my life. I am forever grateful with your presence in my life now and until the end of my time.




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