Filipino Community in Nepal celebrates Filipiniana Night in Kathmandu

The Filipiniana Night is a fundraising event of Philippine songs and dances for the Adopt a Community Project in Nilkatha Village, Nepal. Set at Hotel Yak and Yeti, Dec. 4, Saturday, the show was presented by the Filipino Community in Nepal in partnership with the Office of Consulate General of the Republic of the Philippines.

Around 300 guests and visitors from different embassies, development organizations,Nepali friends, and media attended the event. 

The curtain riser is a documentary film from the Philippine Department of Tourism that shows stunning scenes from the Philippines, our white sand beaches, clear blue waters, majestic rice terraces, historic churches, friendly and hospitable people, interesting cuisine, and rich history.  

The show featured Philippine culture through native dances and song such as Bayan Ko, Chumnu- a thanksgiving dance from Cordillera, Salakot, Binoyugan, children’s rendition of bahay kubo, Janggay, Harana of Dalagang Pilipina, Carinosa, Lulay, Ugoy ng Duyan, Saranggola ni Pepe, Francis Magalona’s Mga Kababayan Ko, Sumayaw Sumunod, Kay Ganda ng Ating Musika, Tinikling with audience participation and Handog ng Pilipino sa Mundo.

The participant received a warm applause from the audience who appreciated the event. Tokens of appreciation were given by Vice Consul Suraj Vaidya to Filipino Community inNepal President Joyce Mendez and Musical Directors, James and Kaye Sarenas.

Proceeds of the project will be channeled to the Adopt a Community, an initiative of the Filipino Community in Nepal and Clean Energy Nepal in transforming ecological and self-reliant communities in Nilkantha villages. This includes installation of improved cooking stoves, toilets and introducing organic gardening. 

According to Vice Consul Suraj Vaidya of the Office of the Philippine Consul in Nepal, “I am extremely impressed with the Filipino Community in Nepal. They made us very proud as always. Although they are very far away from home, they made us feel at home. And I think everybody from Nepal understands what the music and dances and the culture for the Filipinos, what it means for them. We enjoyed it tremendously.”

He also added, “Filipinos convey a lot to Nepalis. Nepal is going through a very difficult phase in its history. And I think the way that you brought the change of peace without blood being shed, the peace message that you brought today with your song has a great meaning to the Nepali people. And I think we need to follow that and take people’ power- the power of peace, love and understanding. I want to thank you for emphasizing that song, which was very good.”


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