25 Random Things

1. I'm great believer that the stars in the universe conspire to make things happen for me - that people are exactly at the right place and at the right time, and that things happen for a reason.

2. I’m a giddy person, I laugh at the silliest jokes, and I love surrounding myself with happy people.

3. I’m basically a homebody. I am happy doing DVD marathon, and hanging out with friends over coffee or beer!

4. You can never underestimate how much you discover yourself when you travel ALONE. I went backpacking over Europe in 2007. I met a few Asian friends - Vietnamese and Indonesians, ate authentic Vietnamese rolls in a Chinese street in Paris, had my luggage stolen in a train en route to Belgium, fell in love with Vienna’s architecture, got lost in Praha, learned how to speak German and ate the Dutch way!

5. People always have the wrong notion that I am high maintenance. Im basically low key - for the record, I love street foods - fish balls, corn in cob, mangga with bagoong...And I love trinket shopping!!!

6. I am a white meat eater. I adore Chinese food. I have sweet taste for cheese and dark chocolates.

7. When I was young, My Lolo pannong used to tell me his war stories. He was a war veteran and he showed me how cruel the memory was for him. That stirred my interest to write, and from thereon, I penned what was on my mind...

8. As of this date, I am keeping a few original poems that I crafted. I wish to have them published one day.

9. In my lifetime, I was offered two indecent proposals - a scholarship from a former Congressman and a 5 million peso project from a Japanese business tycoon...Twice I turned it down...

10. My heart flutters if a guy sings me a song while playing a guitar. Plus he must be wearing my favorite happy clinique scent...Then he can win me... haha (ang babaw)

11. I hate driving over Metro Manila. Period (do I need to say more?) I wish someone would drive for me.

12. I am living alone in a 3 bedroom condominium unit in Pasig. Both of my siblings live abroad; my parents are in the province. My Dada (my surrogate mother who raised me) passed away in 2008 after living with my family for almost 45 years. I missed her sooo much.

13. I sleep with 7 big pillows... they warm me and make me feel safe.

14. I have a left shoulder subluxation, which means that I cannot sleep facing the left side of the bed. I got this from a jujitsu game when I was in college.

15. My Dad is the coolest person on Earth. He taught me how to shoot a gun, dive on a cliff, play the patintero (especially during full moon!), and carry a fighting cock (he breeds fighting cocks).

16. My relationship can be summed up with this statement - I am always consistent in falling in love with creative, fun, witty, uber nice and street smart guys... One was unrequited, the second was lost over time, the third was mutual, and this time - hmmmm, I’m still paving the way for the one....

17. I share myself only with those people that I trust. Little things mean a lot to me – encouragement, a pat on the back, a smile on a hallway, a call from a friend, or an sms message to boost me up.

18. My friends and I started this travel company last year, teaching travel photography to our participants. I do the travel itinerary and unravel undiscovered paradise never set foot by tourists before. We discovered Palaui Island and had four successful travel photography.

19. I am a voracious reader. I love crime and punishment the 1960’s version copy that my Dad gave me. I just finished five people you meet in heaven and future shock. Currently, im reading A Hundred and One Days from Asne Seirstad, a journalist's account of the war torn country- Iraq.

20. I love foreign films, amelie, motorcycle diaries, Julie Delpy's films, y tu mama tumbien, red violin, trainspotting and most recently slumdog millionaire...It did made me cry.

21. One day, I will write an environmental documentary for the Moonrise Festival.

22. I told my friends that if by the age of 33 im still not married; I will adopt and raise a baby or hopefully rear my own...haha, goodluck to that!

23. I believe in allowing your partner to have his own life apart from being with you all the time...That means having his own set of friends, going out with his friends- without you checking on him all the time. I’d like to have that independence given to me as well.

24. I almost lost my life twice – the first one was on a fire accident in our chicken poultry when I was 4 years old and the second time was when I jumped from a cliff 20 feet high. I hit hard bottom and I realized that it took a while for me to see the light from above.As I surfaced, I was so freaking happy im still alive!

25. I own a six year old ewok looking dog named Basty! He’s the sweetest and funniest little creature in the world.


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